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A bedroom can be absolutely stunning when decorated in purple.    There are so many words to describe the color purple…passionate, cool, romantic, relaxing, warm, majestic, luxurious, and soothing.  It’s true, purple can be any one of these things.   However, the shade of purple as well as the amount of purple that you decorate with will have a big effect on the mood and feeling of your bedroom.

What other colors will you have in your bedroom?  Will you pair purple with neutrals like beige, ivory, and taupe?  Or will you complement it with yellow or green?   Will you have just a splattering of purple, such as purple pillows, purple upolstered chair, or a purple blanket?  Or will you create a purple zen room, with purple sheets, comforters, pillow, and perhaps even purple walls?

There are so many decisions to make!  But really, the process should be fun.  And by process, I mean you should shop around and look at tons of pictures for ideas to decorate your purple bedroom.  Here are a few pictures to give you some inspiration.

Here’s a contemporary bedroom decorated in neutral tones with touches of plum, as seen in the blanket and pillows.   This shade of purple is lovely with these neutral shades.

Here’s an ultra modern bedroom with dark purple pillows, ottoman, and a purple accent wall.    The neutral shades actually make the purple stand out.  So lovely!

Purple is the focus of this room.  Notice the purple wall, purple bedding, purple rug, purple upholstered furniture, and purple curtains.  Too much purple can be overwhelming; however, the varied shades of purple make this room so inviting.

Contrasting white sheets really make the purple bedding, headboard, and purple accent wall stand out.   However, it is the simplicity that defines this room.   I love decorating a bed with different pieces that aren’t part of a matched bedding ensemble.   Somehow it looks more authentic and less contrived.   Check out our purple bedroom decor page for more ideas on how you can decorate your purple bedroom.

***** Click Here To Browse Our Selection Of Purple Bedroom Decor *****

Here are some additional resources for getting inspiration for decorating your bedroom:

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HGTV Bedroom Decorating – website has dozens of great articles on bedroom decor and tons of great pictures too!

Decorating Tips for Bedroom- iVillage also has a directory of great articles with decorating tips for the bedroom.

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BHG Bedroom Designs and Decorating Ideas – aka Better Homes and Gardens.  You’re probably familiar with their magazine, but did you know they also have a great website with tons of decorating ideas for the bedroom.